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Tiro kiddography is Mangalore’s first fine-art photography studio exclusively designed for Newborn, Kids, Maternity Shoots, and Life Casting services.Those tiny faces, innocent smiles, and overloaded cuteness on the newborn’s face encouraged us to introduce Newborn Photography to Mangalore in the year 2017. Now when we look back to our journey, we have faced lots of hurdles in the path but are happy together with what we have achieved today. We are a team of 2, Tini a wedding photographer by profession who handles the photography part and Rochelle a registered nurse who takes care of the baby, makes them ready for the poses and style the entire session. We are a complete studio with high-end cameras, amazingly soft portrait lights, other advanced studio equipment, superb backgrounds, and lots of props.

newborn photoshoots in Mangalore


Ideal age for newborn photoshoot is 05 to 15 days and not beyond 45 days. Babies are always beautiful and cute. We love cute sleeping poses of adorable newborns with silky smooth skin which makes the moment cherish-able to be captured.

four month baby photoshoot


With ample head strength, belly pushups, and a responsive smile is the best time to photograph.This photoshoot captures those fleeting moments in a perfect frame. Those tiny first steps of your growing child are best clicked between 04 to 06 months.


A sitter photoshoot is usually done when your child is between 7-10 months old. It is one of the most smileys of times, they crawl, sit like a Pro, try to stand up, and take a few steps with assistance. During this session, we make sure all the tiny details of your little one is beautifully captured.

baby photoshoot in mangalore


Cakesmash is best done between 10 and 12 months. Babies are so innocent that they play with almost everything that they see. We have a large variety of cake smashing themes, which will make the session beautiful while they are covered with cream, getting dirty, and laughing.

Water splash photoshoot in Mangalore

Water Splash

In this wonderful water shoot, we allow the little one to be their own self and express their true emotions while playing and bathing in the tub. We let them do what they enjoy the most while we work hard to capture those precious moments.

milestone photography in mangalore


Taking pictures of your children while they are on their costume and having fun with the set up is a great way to capture their lives as they grow. And these pictures will also make a great addition to your album.

Maternity phootshoot in Mangalore


The time spent during pregnancy is what makes a woman into a nurturing and lovable mother. This is a memorable time. We love to share this time with you by capturing your happy moments that will be celebrated forever. Maternity shoots are best captured between 28-33 weeks.

Hand and feet casting of newborn in mangalore

Life Casting

Photographs will always have its own charm, but preserving our little ones and family’s hands and feet for lifetime is just an amazing feeling.

Why Choose Us?

newborn baby photoshoot

First, Safety!

The safety and comfort of your child is our utmost priority. We take extreme care to make sure your baby is attended and watched every moment while in the studio. We work gently with the baby and never force them into poses or setups if the child is uncomfortable for a perfect shot.

newborn photoshoot in mangalore


As a passionate team, we not only capture moments, we also work hard to create them. Baby photography represents one of the best ways to express creativity and we are proud to tell you that we are the leading newborn, baby & kids photographer in Mangalore.

Baby photoshoot

Perfect Setup

Our Baby photoshoots are an art of light with colorful props to let the picture come to life. We use the finest props and accessories, which are sourced with utmost love and care which makes the setup more beautiful and memorable.


Capturing the best moments of Life!

“A picture that will remind you not only what your life looked like, but what it felt like.”

Being a photographer is absolutely elevating and exciting. We strive to create photos that tell stories of individual connections, emotions and love. We are always passionate about photography and capturing beautiful moments of life, and that’s how we realize that we want to capture the most valuable moments of your life with the little ones.

– Tini and Rochelle, Tiro Kiddography

Happy families
sessions completed in 2022

Memories to preserve

In a very short span of time these angels melt into your heart and have their milestones, which bring unspeakable joy.

Sleeping Baby Photoshoot in Mangalore
Sitting Baby Photoshoot in Mangalore
Smiling Baby Photoshoot in Mangalore
Standing Baby Photoshoot in Mangalore
Crawling Baby Photoshoot in Mangalore
Walking Baby Photoshoot in Mangalore
Crawling Baby Photoshoot in Mangalore
Walking Baby Photoshoot in Mangalore

Award Winning Photos

Our client says!

I booked Tiro Kiddography for my 2 year old Xmas theme shoot, when I spoke to them they didn’t even think twice and said they can do it . I was very scared if they would even be able to match the theme as per my expectation, but wow! It was an amazing shoot. The backdrop and the theme were superb. My son hates cam and hates even to look at it but they did everything possible to get the best candid pics of him. They both are very kid friendly and my son was showered with lots of gifts 🙈. We really enjoyed the photoshoot you guys did. Thank you for making it so beautiful .
Smile S
Had an amazing experience with Tiro kiddography. We are glad that we got them on time to capture the beautiful pics of our baby girl. We were impressed by the way the baby was handled through out the session.
Spoorthy D
"Our baby was just 20 days when Tiro Kiddography did a Newborn photography. the way Roshal was handling the baby is too with all the care, love and concern. We also had a Sitter Session and an Outdoor Session for our daughter with them. All the pictures were fabulous and their package is very affordable. Amazing guys, keep going. Thank you so much for capturing pictures of our baby."
Alwyn D
We enjoyed the outdoor photoshoot of my one year old with TIRO team. Loved the natural and amazing pictures I've got with them. They captured every single happy moment of my child. I would recommend TIRO photography if you wants to capture a best moment of your child to keep with you always.
Grevita Danthy
  • Thanks to tiro's kiddography team for the precious memories of our daughter. Rite from our first phone call till the album, everything was smooth and professional. No doubt they are the best newborn photographers in the city. All the best to the team 💖

    Jasmine Noronha Avatar Jasmine Noronha
    November 13, 2022

    Tiro kiddography is one of the best photographers in mangalore. Your professionalism and care shine through with every portrait that you have delivered to us. We just want to say how pleased we are with the results of your photography. I highly recommended them to capture the memories of your children. Thank you Tini and Rochelle😘.

    vivek merwin dsouza Avatar vivek merwin dsouza
    March 13, 2022

    Choosing them for our Son's pre birthday photoshoot was the best thing we did. Hats off to their patience level. Thank you TiRo for capturing beautiful memories and wonderful session.☺️

    disha shetty Avatar disha shetty
    November 13, 2022
  • My experience with Tirokiddography is just awesome,,my 11 months daughter enjoyed her entire session n they r truly professional knows well how to handle kids..

    manasa munni Avatar manasa munni
    March 13, 2022

    Very Professiona team at Tiro Kiddography. Specially in newborn baby photographs since they understand the issues with the same and they handle the baby very well, was very touched in the way they handled the baby (I was initially nervous to do the session for the newborn). Was also very impressed with their creativity in taking pics and the all the efforts in setting up the shoot.Would definetly recommend them to all.

    Shabin Shetty Avatar Shabin Shetty
    March 13, 2022

    We had a fantastic time at their studio. Stunning photography and baby handling skills.Thank you so much for carturing the precious moments.

    Vidya Shenoy Avatar Vidya Shenoy
    November 13, 2022
  • Professionalism ,excellence and always exceeding your expectations …❤️❤️❤️ We had the best experience with tiro kiddography .They captured the memories in such a way that we can cherish it forever…They made my little one so comfortable and handled him with lots of love and care … we would highly recommend tiro kiddography to anyone looking to create lifetime memories….

    Diana Dsilva Avatar Diana Dsilva
    November 13, 2022

    Wonderful photography by Tiro! We were fortunate to connect with Team Tiro for our new born’s photo shoot. Excellently managed and very careful with the baby throughout the session, Professionalism attention to details and immaculate handling of babies is what attracted us,Moreover they had got amazing props too. Tiro had immense patience which is key in a newborn or toddler photo shoot. pre-planned the event with all the themes and props and executed it flawlessly. The photos turned out amazing, it was like magical✨. Thank you for your amazing work and making our day special by capturing the beautiful moments with your professional eye. And thanks for coming all the way from mangalore to Bangalore to capture our little one’s beautiful moments,Amazing edited photos received. Without a doubt I can say, Tiro kiddography is one of the best.

    Ashwini K L Avatar Ashwini K L
    February 13, 2023

    We chose Tiro kiddography for our son's newborn photoshoot and casting. Tini and Rochelle are extremely professional, friendly and cooperative. Both of them are so good with the baby that parents don't need to worry about the safety and comfort of the baby. If you would like to get your babies photoshoot done then Tiro kiddography is what you need to choose. The photos are great and loved them. Even during casting session Rochelle was very gentle with the baby. Loved every bit of working with them.

    Raksha Puranik Avatar Raksha Puranik
    March 13, 2022
  • Thank You for the awesome pics … We love the Pics, have shared it with the family and all love the pics. Especially thank you for the way in which you handled our baby during the shoot and your creativity in taking the pictures. Thank You - Will definetly recommend you to anyone who looking for similar shoot. 🙏🏻

    kavita shetty Avatar kavita shetty
    March 13, 2022

    It's one of the best place for kids photography , these do a top notch job in getting you'll an amazing photo shoot which you'll would cherish through out ....

    Delson Dsouza Avatar Delson Dsouza
    March 13, 2022

    For Me and Joyline, Tiro Kiddography was a obvious choice for the New born Photography. Tenderly handling a new born and capturing those most precious moments for us was executed at its best. Well Shot, Well edited. Thanks a lot TIRO <<TIni_ROchelle>>. We now have those beautiful memories captured forever.

    Johnson Misquith Avatar Johnson Misquith
    September 13, 2022

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