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What is the best age to photograph my new baby?

We prefer to Photograph newborns between 05-21 days when they are still in that super sleepy, squishy, curly stage. This is not to say we can’t photograph your baby a bit older, but the ultimate time is during the first 3 weeks.


When should I book my newborn session?

It’s never too early to book! Newborn sessions should be booked during your pregnancy when you enter 2nd Trimester. We add a tentative date around your due date onto our calendar upon booking. Once the baby arrives, you will then contact us to schedule your session. That means if the baby comes early or late your baby is guaranteed a spot on our calendar.


Why book so early?

We only take limited sessions per month.


What if my baby is born early or late or any complications during delivery?

No Worries!! That is the reason we limit shoots per month so we get enough time for rescheduling.


My Baby Is Already Here! Can I Still Do A Newborn Session? Is It Too Late To Schedule?

Not at all! Occasionally, we do have last-minute availability, there may be spots available at
short notice. We’re always happy to photograph older newborns with the understanding that it may not be possible to achieve poses as a younger newborn(0 to 21days) since older newborns tend to be more alert and less flexible.


How long will the newborn session last?

The newborn session normally lasts around 2-3 hours and it depends on the package you choose. Though it totally depends on the baby’s mood and co-operation. If the baby doesn’t sleep or is a bit cranky, we shall wait till the baby is comfortable.


Where will The Photoshoot take place?

We have an In-house studio at Nantoor, Mangalore, or We can shoot at your place too.
If it’s at your home, we shall carry all necessary props and equipment along and will set up for the shoot.


Do you have all the props?

Yes! We have everything you see on our website and load more. Our studio has a huge collectionof high-end props, handmade headbands, bonnets, outfits, rompers and wraps to name a few. We are constantly updating and purchasing new goodies, only the very best for your child. Your baby’s session will be fully styled based on your color preferences. All you have to do is bring usthe baby!


Do you have baby and mommy outfits?

YESS!! We provide a baby wardrobe, mommy styling and do all the posing and style for
Newborns and mamma’s when you come to the studio for a photo shoot.


Do you take walk-ins?

Unfortunately, No. All of our sessions are by appointment only and generally scheduled weeks in advance.


How do I prepare for my newborn session?

Once you are booked and you will get a message with tips and information on how to prepare for a smooth newborn session. 
There are several little things to pay attention, please do not dress the baby in anything that needs to be pulled over her head, otherwise the baby will wake up when we try to undress her. Newborn photography is a new thing for India and sometimes grandparents and other family members are worried about the baby’s safety. We would like to admit that we have years of experience in this field and we know how to take care of your little baby. We will need freedom and privacy in the shoot room to get the desired results.


How long after the session can we expect the images?

You will receive the high resolution images in a maximum of 30 days.


How do I book?

You can call or WhatsApp and also we can have an initial consultation for booking availability. Our contact numbers are +918105450176, +919844286660(Call/WhatsApp).


Will I get an album with my shoot?

Our packages are designed to provide you with digital files on a Pendrive, the album can be made with an additional fee.


Can I use a photo taken on a shoot day for my baby’s lifecasting frame?

Sure. Your selected, photo can be put in the casting frame.


Can I gift the service to my friends and family?

Yes all our services are giftable, we do provide a gift voucher in a beautiful box. You can grant either an entire service, or a certain amount.


When do I pay?

50% advance while booking photography session. The balance is due on the day of the photoshoot.


Life Casting


What is it all about?

Taking hand and feet 3D prints is called life casting. The material we use is allergic-free and skin-safe.


Is there any age restrictions?

There are no age restrictions, our materials are safe enough for even 1 day old newborn!


Should my baby be here or we can do it from the photo?

Your child should be here, we get the impression from the child only.



When is the best age for making the baby hand & feet casting?

It is advisable to make the 3D baby hand and feet casts in the earlier days after birth, as
babies have definitive sleep patterns. Impressions taken while the baby is fast asleep are very beautiful as the baby offers No resistance to the process. However, if the sleep pattern is not predictable, then taking the impressions soon after the baby is fed or when the baby gets into a deep sleep. Hence planning the time of taking the impressions is crucial for the 3D hand and feet casting.


What if the child wakes up/moves during the process and impressions got spoiled?

Well here we can try a maximum of one time, and if a child still moves, we should repeat it, only after the child is asleep. We offer home services for such cases.


How long does the entire casting session take for both hands and feet?

It will take 15-30 min or an hour. This will obviously vary depending on the co-operation
and age of your child. Newborn babies generally take less time than older babies.


For how much time the child has to hold the hand or feet without moving?

Once the material is prepared and the baby hand is dipped into the solution, it takes only 2 minutes to get the impression, but if the baby is moving the hand or feet continuously then it takes a little longer time to get the impression or the impression may not have come properly.


Do you offer custom framing?

Yes, we offer.


Can we add a name and photo in the frame?

Yes, both can be put up in the frame.



Can I gift the service to my friends and family?

Yes, all our services are giftable, we do provide a gift voucher in a beautiful box. You can grant either the entire service or a certain amount.


What is the delivery time?

We take 2-3 weeks for final delivery.


When do I pay?

50% advance while booking casting session. The balance is due on the day of casting is

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